The Assemblies of God, Ghana is a member of the worldwide fellowship of Assemblies of God spread in 212 countries of the world. Missionaries from Assemblies of God, U.S.A. in the persons of Rev. Lloyd and Margaret Shirer, who were then in Moshiland, Ouagadougou now Burkina Faso crossed over to the Northern Region of the then Gold Coast on horse backs in the early 1931. With their first recruits, Miss Beulah Buchhwalter and Guy Hickok, they started the first Assemblies of God congregation in Yendi. Some others who joined later were Florennce Blossom, Henry Garlock, Eric Johnson and Thelma Godwin. The zeal of these early missionaries was so strong that they consistently worked and witnessed for the Lord under very harsh conditions and in hostile environments. The likes of Bushwalker and Guy Hickock died in 1942 on the mission field. Branches of the church were established at Tamale and Walewale in 1935 and Bawku in 1937. Bro. Mba Mahama was the first Mamprusi Christian to be converted in 1939. On December 13, 1948, the Assemblies of God aeroplane, ''Ambassador'' landed in Accra bringing the Wheeler Andersons, Rody Johnson and Ozella Reid to join the missionary family in the Gold Coast.

History of the church
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" restoring Human dignity and destiny through the word of Hope "
# Vision Statement
° To Encourage the depressed, the frustrated, the confuse, the hurt to find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness. ° Where every Member is an Evangelist and a Warrior in the Kingdom ° To equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them to develop, and deploy the gifts and talents God gave them ° To broadcast the gospel worldwide using every electronic means, Radio, Television & Internet. ° To build a large church building with an office - a place for worship, children's church, a teenage church, a counselling and prayer centre's.
# Our Commitment
° Influencing by the power of our vision °Being Accountable for our every word and action ° Treating each other with dignity and respect ° Encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering our people ° Leaving a Legacy of hope to future generations. ~ We proclaim with all confidence that these dreams will come to reality because they are inspired by God.

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